Enrollment Parent Information Night

Virtual Parent Enrollment Information Night

9-12 BHS Enrollment Information

Marsha Fouts, Director of Counseling, welcomes parents to Parent Night and provides information for virtual (live) chats to be held at a later date.

Parent Night Welcome Video

Video 1: Graduation Planning 101

This presentation covers general information for both new and current students. It includes new classes for next year, graduation requirements, important enrollment dates, scheduling options and enrollment resources.

Grad Planning 101 Video Presentation

Grad Planning 101 Slides (provides access to links referenced in video)

Video 2: Incoming BHS Freshman

Class of 2025 welcome to Bartlesville High School!

Freshman Welcome Video 

Video 3:  Staying Connected at BHS

This presentation covers ways for parents to stay connected at BHS, including Remind which is our primary platform for parent communication of meetings, activities, and announcements.

Staying Connected Video Presentation

Staying Connected Slides (provides access to links referenced in video

Video 4: Honors AP vs Traditional

 Overview of AP level coursework including the benefits, rigor and college readiness and college credit opportunities. Helpful video for families to better understand the AP Program and choosing AP or traditional coursework for their student. 

Honors AP vs Traditional Video Presentation

Video 5: Academics for Student Athletes

Students who are interested in playing sports at the collegiate level must meet certain academic requirements.  This video will review the requirements and the registration process.

Academics for Student Athletes Video Presentation

Academics for Student Athletes Slides (provides access to links referenced in video)

Video 6: Tri-County Technology Center Enrollment

Braden Schovanec, High School Recruiter, presents an overview of TCTC, the application process, and other enrollment information

Tri-County Tech Enrollment Video

Video 7:  Concurrent Enrollment (College Classes)

General Information Video:  Are you considering the option of taking concurrent college classes in high school?  This presentation will give you information to help you make that decision with your student.

Concurrent Enrollment Video Presentation

Concurrent Enrollment Slides (provides access to links referenced in video)

Special Concurrent Programs Video

Video 8:  BHS Internships

Looking to get some hands on experience? Are you interested in a career field,  but just not sure you want that to be your lifelong career? BHS along with our community partners are happy to offer senior BHS students the opportunity to be interns as part of their school day. 

BHS Internship Video Presentation